Campus Life
The Campus Life ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life and positively impact their schools. Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as lifelong followers.

City Life
City Life transforms the lives of urban youth, their families, and the communities that they live in. It is a holistic model meeting the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of youth in West Bremerton through strategic partnerships with schools, housing authorities, and community members.

Juvenile Justice
JJM meets youth inside the Kitsap County Juvenile Center, building relationships that will continue throughout their lives. Our chaplains connect with youth inside the center by listening to their story and offering hope. We provide resources and support to change their perspective and encourage better life choices going forward.

Parent Life
Parent Life reaches expectant and parenting teens through intentional relationships by utilizing a strength-based, holistic ministry. We educate and empower young parents to make better choices during and after pregnancy, resulting in healthier families who break the cycle.