Our Ministry

YFC is working with students in 7 schools, the juvenile justice center, and teen parents. We currently have Christ Sharing Relationships with over 1150 kids, and we want that number to increase! Of the 30,000 kids in our community YFC is poised to reach 9,600! 

Why Give Life?

YFC's mission is to share the gospel with as many young people between the ages of 11-19 in our community. We do this by engaging them in Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships. Whether it's with an adult leader, or peer to peer, we want young people to hear the message of Christ so their lives can be transformed!
Our Give Life Partners empower us to reach more kids with the Gospel in our community!

How Can I Become A Give Life Partner?


For $35 a month you can provide a Christ Sharing Relationship with a young person in your community!

We are also looking for prayer partners and volunteers to join our team!