Help for Teens!

What is this?

YFC is working with several professionals in our community to provide excellent support and help for young people who would like to talk about their feelings and emotions.

These partners have generously offered to work with some young people in our community without charge during the COVID Crisis.


Who is this for?

Any young person ages 13-19 in Kitsap and North Mason County.

Why are you hosting these?

YFC's mission is to help young people live successful lives - Mentally, Socially Spiritually and Physically! 

With social distancing and distance learning, our kids have zero in-person interactions with their friends and other support systems.

This is a massive shock to everyone, but an ongoing study from SPU shows that young people between the ages of 14-24 will be hit especially hard with emotional trauma because of this. They indicate that loneliness and depression are higher in this age group than any other.

Schedule a call today!

To schedule a meeting please contact one of our partners below:

Kimberly Riley

Call / Text - 360.440.4021 

Sara Yarbrough

Call / Text - 509.655.9843