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StoryLetter | December 2022

It is winter here in Western Washington and it is cold! Thankfully, we have a warm place for students to come to. We are blessed to provide warm greetings, smiles and place to be known for the students who come to our after school centers! We have also hosted Clubs where we share the gospel, met with students on campus, and even shared delicious Thanksgiving lunches together.

We’re looking forward to Christmas break and then back into the school year. God has big plans for everyone involved at West Sound YFC and we’re excited to be a part of it!


Ministry Stories

Campus Life @ The 801

It was so great to celebrate Friendsgiving at the 801! One of our awesome volunteers offered to cook a full meal for students. They loved it! One of the students who came was someone I had just met the day before. He walked two miles just to come eat at Friendsgiving and even brought a tub of ice cream to share with all of us! He had only come to the 801 once before, yet immediately felt connected and part of what we were doing. How awesome is it that a student feels so welcomed that he wants to share with others he just met the day before? He is now a regular!

Cassandra Jameson

Campus Life Leader - Bremerton

Campus Life @ The Next Door

"I trust you, Joe, and don't trust men...actually, I do. I trust all the men leaders here" That quote really floored me because this was coming from a student who came a long way in our relationship. When he first came he would type out the info he wanted to communicate to us on his iphone for us to read. Now, she not only tells me about her day, running to the center to talk to me and the other leaders, but he even let me pray for him before he left for the summer to visit family. That trust is the result of a lot of hard work and we don't take statements like that lightly!!!

Joe Koski

Campus Life Leader

North Kitsap Area



Loneliness & mental health are affecting today's youth like never before.

69% of today's youth report they have 3 or fewer meaningful interactions per day, 40% have no one to talk to, and 25% have 1 or fewer adults to turn to

Also, 49.5% are battling anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. At YFC, we are working hard to build relationships with these kids, speak life into them, and help them find HOPE.

Please consider making a special year-end gift to support local young people ages 11 to 19.

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