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StoryLetter | January 2023

Ministry is back in full swing after the holidays! We love seeing our students back at our centers and on campus. It's so fun to see their smiling faces and hear what is going on in their lives!


Ministry Stories

Campus Life @ The 801

I met Sam in the Middle School lunchroom that I volunteer at. He has since become a regular at the 801! It has been amazing to see him make the 801 one of his safe places. Sam is an only child and mention he sometimes get lonely but now has a place to come and play games, meet new friends, and eat great snacks - his favorite snack is chips and salsa!

Cassandra Jameson

Campus Life Leader


Campus Life @ The Underground

I met Aaron last month when he stopped by The Underground with his friend. He seemed to be somewhat shy but when the opportunity to jump into a basketball game with his peers came up, he took it and played hard. Because it was his first time there, even with the competitive nature of the game, all the students were really being encouraging to each other. Aiden later expressed how much he enjoyed being in this environment with his friends and the supportive leaders that were there.

Denzel Samuel

Campus Life Leader


Campus Life @ The Next Door

Lily is a student who has told us every week (seemingly) at Club that she "does not believe in God". I keep telling her that's fine and that I am just happy that she is there, etc. The cool part is that she is at Club every week faithfully. At our last event, which was a Christmas party, I felt led to speak about the meaning of Christmas. The talk was well-received, which I was excited about. Then, at the end I did something I never do, which was I asked if any of the kids wanted to pray. I’m not sure what led me to ask but Lily volunteered and prayed a beautiful prayer for her friends to have good holidays with their families. I was very taken and moved to tears as I did not expect it. What a Christmas gift!

Joe Koski

Campus Life Leader

North Kitsap Area


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