StoryLetter | November 2022

Fall is in full swing and we are having a blast! We took our students to the Silverwood Theme Park, presented an anti-bullying presentation called Point Break at a local school and raised over $50,000 at our Give Life Auction. What a great few months it's been!

We're looking ahead to the fall with Friendsgivings, YFC Clubs and Small Groups starting, and a lot of good relationship building with our students!


Ministry Stories

Campus Life @ The Underground

Tyrell had been coming to The Underground since last year. He is super energetic, but has expressed that he feels misunderstood at times. One thing I appreciate about him is how much he wants to include his peers. Recently, I learned that he loves to sing, so during one of our drop in times we spent a good chunk belting out our favorite songs together which was super fun. I hope we can continue to provide a place where students can shine and be themselves.

Denzel Samuel

Campus Life Leader - Bremerton

Campus Life @ The Next Door

"Joe! Our friend is having a hard time with their boyfriend and I told them they need your advice!"

I've heard this the last few weeks several times and I am honored to be the guy the kids are coming too! Sometimes people just need a voice of experience to weigh in with them. I have walked with some of these kids through some break ups, given advice, and been a friend. Some of the discussions have been brutal, and I've been grateful to be able to help out with advice such as, "No one should be called names like that." I am really grateful to be in a trusted position! Students are trusting us with their most important relationships and I'm constantly praying for guidance and wisdom! Be praying that we can continue to be a voice these students trust and that we have the proper wisdom to share!

Joe Koski

Campus Life Leader

North Kitsap Area

Campus Life @ The Underground

Patrick has been coming to our center, The Underground, on and off since last year. He was able to open up to me and talk to me about what is going on in his life. He has never done that before. He also expressed how he knows that Denzel and I are always present and there for him when he comes to the center. It still always amazes me that with the time we spend with the teens and just listening to them, how much they open up to us to tell us about their lives. They know we care and that is just so wonderful.

Stephanie Delvalle

Campus Life Leader



Want to get involved?

Bob and KD are two of our faithful volunteers at the Next Door every week. Our students love their time with them! Click the link below to find out more information how YOU can get involved with our students!

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